Surface EP

by Permanent Moods

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Slightly melancholic yet positive and highly melodic debut album.


released November 29, 2012

Written & Composed by Aleš Mav, mixed by Patrick Bird



all rights reserved


Permanent Moods UK

Permanent Moods is currently a one piece band from north London founded in 2012 by Aleš Mav, an animator working in the film visual effects industry by day while his alter ego tries to conjure up some new tunes in those few late hours that are left. Following the debut EP "Surface" released in 2012 a new full album project "Entities" was
released in September 2015.
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Track Name: Apart
O lord, I can pretend
But the world is getting stranger
Suffer some misery
And you'll never be neglected
Your pain belongs to us
As we rush through our lives
It feeds us melatonin
As we try... not... to remember

Fast lane, just another day
We're comfortably adjusted
Your shame will elevate
Cast our doubts aside
We can't read between the lines
When we struggle to survive
Confined we simplify
As the world outside
Defies our views

Your cross, such a loss
It means so much to me
I'd rather just walk away
But you follow me around
It reaps us apart
With your half closed eyes
I sympathise...
I sympathise...
I sympathise...
Track Name: Big Machine
I got a big machine on a liquid dream
I better kneel before its rhythm of steel
It's unreal...
And nothing I'd rather feel
I got no hope to spare in my lucky paces
My senses gone, no familiar traces
Come on...
If you try you can't go wrong

It runs out of steam when my faith is leaking
grinds to a halt whenever I'm sleeping
... and it stifles my soul
I'm running into the walls while the storm is raging
breathing out of control as my mind is fading
My heart... sinking all the way to the ground

Come inside, my repentance starts today
Linger on... it might just slip away
Oh no, I can't swim you say
Oh no, I can't find a way
I find it a little strange
But it feels like I'm born again
Track Name: Insomnia
Love me while the fire burns
And you wrap your flames around me
I sense no compromise
Your trust... I never know

I'll try to live up to
Your plans and expectations
I have to see them through
Or this day will never end

I can't go out tonight
When the night is getting longer
I feel like another day
As my heart tears me asunder

I can't let go of your
Affections and appeal
It fills me with belief
And a sense of urgency

I'll never gonna have some fun
When I feel like I have to stay
In my sincerity
I will go down again

I can't go out tonight
When the night is getting longer
I feel like another day
As my heart tears me asunder...